At Hollywood Glam Furniture, we’re in the furniture business – but not in the way you might think.

If you've ever been to a high-volume furniture store, or one that caters to a generic audience, you've seen the kinds of items that you buy there – some of them drab and utilitarian, others cut from the same cloth as what you might find on online e-commerce overstock sites.

That's not what we’re about – at Hollywood Glam Furniture we are offering specialty furniture that fills your home or property with style. We choose our inventory with care – and we want to highlight the unique approach that we bring to helping customers to furnish spaces. It’s about cultivating a certain “feng shui” – a particular stylistic atmosphere, with color schemes and design choices that make a difference. 

Mirrored Furniture

One of the popular glam aspects of our catalog is the mirrored designs that we provide.

Cabinets, dressers and other installations get equipped with gold or metal edged mirrors, in elaborate showcase designs that catch the eye and add functionality to a room.

There's a specific style philosophy behind these mirrored pieces, and we’re happy to show you around and explain in more detail on our web site. The mirrored pieces also reflect natural light in a unique way – and that can help make a space look lighter and more open. 

Seating and Sectionals

We also have unique stock in seating.

One of our popular choices is down sofas or models that integrate plush soft upholstery into the design. This is partially a comfort thing, and it's also part of our design philosophy.

Seating is in big demand, and it’s something that homeowners tend to upgrade over time. As money comes in, households trade in less elegant, worn or damaged seating for new models. Our seating options give homes that luxurious impression that shoppers are looking for when they are in the market for new seating. 

Marble and Velvet

Want another example of our catalog aesthetic?

Take these two materials that are so very different, yet so complementary in some ways.

Both indicate class and grand style.

Our dining room tables and other items featuring marble expenses are elegant, smooth surfaces that really show off a room or space. Marble is, in a way, utilitarian, but it is also an aesthetic choice. It speaks of formality and tradition, and durable, ageless luxury.

Our velvet itemsincorporate the soft touch of this luxurious material. Velvet upholstery or tapestries or other fixtures add a lot to a space in terms of aesthetic, and complement other aspects of our upscale product catalog. 

Take a closer look at our web site and get furniture that “fits the bill.” We have outdoor furniture, office furniture, home decor and more. We even have handcrafted items that you're going to love for their unique natural look. Bookmark our site and learn more about how we’re committed to value for our customers!

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